Benefits of Plank Exercises

Contracting your muscles against stationary resistance is called plank exercise. They are famous constituent of isometric training. This is the reason that plank exercises are frequently recommended for persons who are recovering from some type of injury or are in a phase of reconditioning. These exercises are very reliable for improving the energy flow between your upper and lower body. They are also highly beneficial in building up of strength. Unlike some other isometric exercises, plank exercises are well known for their benefits in improving the multiple elements of your fitness as well as your general health.

Some of the plank exercise benefits are:

·         Strength
These exercise help in improving the strength of your lower body, upper body and midsection. This gain in strength is usually on the front of the body. Plank exercise also gives immense strength to the muscles which are in the inner core of your body and support your joints. The inner and outer abdominal are formed by, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis, and these provide the primary support needed while doing plank exercise. These obliques in the abdominal part of your body also give stability to the plank position isometrically. These stabilizer muscles can be divided into two groups; upper body stabilizers and lower body stabilizers. Pectoral and serratus muscles come in the category of upper body stabilizers and quadriceps, Sertorius comes in the category of lower body stabilizers.

·         Flexibility
The flexibility in the posterior muscles is increased throughout the body by doing plank exercises. Several muscles near your shoulder blades, collarbone and shoulder are stretched with the expansion of your shoulder griddle while doing these exercises. The hamstrings which are present on the back of your thighs are stretched when you try to lengthen your legs as much as possible while pushing front portion of your thigh upwards. There are plank exercises which you can do to increase the flexibility of your feet and toes.

·         Aesthetic
As by doing plank exercises the posture of your body is dramatically improved and so they also provide the aesthetic benefits to your body and better your appearance. These exercises stabilize the muscles which support your hips and spine. If someone is suffering from deficiency in their posture than plank exercises can help them immensely in recovering from those deficiencies. There are several deficiencies which happen due to flexor weaknesses or abdominal weaknesses that can be cured by plank exercises.

·         Mental
Plank exercises can also help you in improving your mood. Several times stress happens due to the stiffness in muscles due to your daily routine and plank exercises help you in easing out these muscles, thus resulting in less stress. While doing your work, if you have to sit on a chair for several hours then it could result in stiffness of your legs.  If while working your shoulders are always bending down then stiffness can occur there also. In both these situations plank exercises can help immensely.


Plank exercises have several benefits and thus doing them regularly will make you fall in love with hem. As with the help of these exercises you will become happier, stronger and calmer in your life. In short these exercises will make you a better person.

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